ABOUT JADEK RICE   (Trade Mark Nos: 59654)

We ensure all our warehouse directors give us 100% de-stoned rice before bagging and packaging – to help retain its natural vitamins and minerals. Our sourced rice tastes great and can be enjoyed by everyone. No any forms of artificial, no preservative. Non-GMO ingredients!

Our rice is properly milled – and adequately supervised during processing; to ensure most of the rice brans are NOT left on the grain.

• Also known for swelling in size, when cooked.
• Good for vegetarians.
• Ideal for baby food when grounded.
• No artificial processing or additives.
• Full of fibre.
• Stone free.
• Dirt free.
• Regular intakes, lowers blood pressure.
• 100% Natural and Non-Genetically Modified*!
• Highly nutritious
• well polished
• Long Grains.
MD: 03-2022
BB:03- 2025

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