Grow with Us – Agro Investment Program

Welcome to JADEK Agro Investment Program

At JADEK Agro Investment, we invite you to join our Agro Investment Program – a unique opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector and reap the rewards of sustainable farming practices. Our program not only offers financial growth but also contributes to the development of local communities and promotes global food security.

Why Invest in Agriculture?

1. Stable Returns

Agriculture has historically proven to be a stable and resilient investment. With the world’s increasing population and demand for food, investing in agriculture provides a reliable avenue for consistent returns.

2. Diversification

Diversify your investment portfolio by tapping into the agricultural sector. Agro investments offer a hedge against market volatility and provide a stable foundation for a well-balanced portfolio.

3. Impactful Investing

By investing in agriculture, you are not just growing your wealth; you are contributing to sustainable farming practices, rural development, and global food security. Make a positive impact on both your financial portfolio and the world.

Our Agro Investment Program


1. Crop-Specific Investment

Choose from a variety of crops to invest in, from cashew plantation to high-value cash crops. Our expert agronomists and farmers ensure that your investment is directed towards crops with high market demand and growth potential. 

5% Return on Investment 


2. Sales of Farm Land

We sell farm land for as low as 250,000 Naira per acre. 

Document: It comes with original Red Copy Document. You can begin cultivation and farming immediately.

Location: Ogbomosho


3. Planting For Customers

We also engage in planting cashew nut for our customer. Planting,  Nurturing and Cultivation for the period of 4 years maturity stage.

Charges: 250.000 Naira for land + Cashew Nuts Planting 700,000 Naira per acres

Contact us for more details.