About Us

Jadek Group is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate. We are fully registered with the CAC of Nigeria and our current interests include Investments, Dairy products, Tires, Software, Transportation, Paints Manufacturing, Cement, Cashew nut, Cocoa, Rice, Roofing sheets. OurĀ popularity and acceptance is nationwide. We are uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of our numerous customers.

Commitment, team work and providing great value through great people culture. The Group has throughout the years grown into a strong player in its markets and has continued to demonstrate exceptional performance through excellent products and service delivery to our clientele and forming strategic trade relationships with highly reputable companies across the globe.


Our group strives to maintain a culture of total quality management- ensuring quality in every stage of what we do. From our investment programs to the goods we manufacture in Nigeria. We never compromise quality and standards