JADEK LOGISTICS & FINANCE is a world-class dispatch company that inspires creativity and enhances productivity. We provide fast reliable dispatch of goods. Our series of business support solutions and business ecosystem is very effective and efficient. JADEX EXPRESS is run by a team of highly skilled and dedicated people committed to making sure we exceed our client’s expectations. Our work plans are designed to meet the needed solutions for all individuals and companies. If you are a very busy professional or individual looking for a dispatch company, search no more. 

  1. The company engage in delivery, logistics, transfers
  2. Express land delivery, logistics and transportation.
  3. Express water delivery, logistics and transportation.

iii. Express air delivery, logistics and transportation.

  1. Finances
  2. Banking
  3. Insurance
  4. Recruitment
  5. Investment
  6. Brokers
  7. Commodity
  8. Capital Manager
  9. Bureau de Change
  10. Consultant and Stock Brokers
  11. To do a business of trading and distributor.

Co-operative, training, acquisition, education, hospitality, supermarket & pharmaceutical leasing and hiring.